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Design is an essential competitive element. Peter Lawrence, Corporate Design Foundation

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An image, sign, signal communiaction

Name Semacom was created from “sema” (an image, sign, signal in Greek) and “com” from communication. For our clients Semacom also means passion and engagement in improving their business. We really love, what we do. Giving the brand new image or making it more vivid and effecient makes us pride and gives satisfaction.

We can empower your brand with:

  • Corporate / Brand Identity
  • Inclusive webdesign
  • Web banners / Flash design
  • Website or logo / Redesign service

The process. How we cooperate with You to achieve Your goals?

  1. Defining the problem
  2. Envisioning desired end state
  3. Creating the "map"
  4. Prototyping solutions
  5. Activating the best solution
  6. Finalizing the project


They were great challenges with high expectations. Careful listening and close collaborations with clients were the keys to desired and efficient site.

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